FBS Ø310 - Beta Version (No Cutouts)

FBS Ø310 - Beta Version (No Cutouts)

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**This is a discontinued beta version**

This original version has a thicker magnet with cutaways to allow you to clamp to your bed with the provided clamps which are thinner than the 4mm magnet. Also, the Flexi Plate has no cutaways (like our current version) and it must be positioned not to touch the bed clamps. See a quick video on the differences with our current version: https://youtu.be/8JPNNYX7urc

U.S. customers please note this item will ship from our international fulfillment center in China.

Size: Ø310 / 310mm round / 12.2” round (No Cutouts)

fits: SeeMeCNC Rostock and SeeMeCNC Artemis

The Flexible Build System includes:

  •  1  Wham Bam Flexi Magnetic Base (high temp-resistant with high temp 3M adhesive)
  • 1  Wham Bam Flexi Build Plate (spring steel)
  • 1  Wham Bam PEX Build Surface Custom Formulated PEX (with high temp 3M adhesive)
  • 6 Stainless Steel Clamps (a thicker magnet with cutouts for clamp positions, Flexi Plate will not touch the clamps.)
  • 1 Steel Wool 000 (for prepping your PEX Build Surface)

For more information on this product, click here: Flexible Build System

*Attention: It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure the size selected will work on your machine. Measure your bed, do not rely on build volume, and see if you are happy with the size before ordering. Please keep in mind that on one side you will have a tab that sticks out another 15mm. Wham Bam is not responsible for mistaken order sizes. Learn more about machine fits HERE.

**It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes and import duties. No refunds of uncollected customs packages.