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Mega Slap Mat
Pull the Trigger

Stop thinking about the cost. Yes, you can find "like" items on amazon, but they are not the same. I made that mistake and ended up destroying those. Stop over thinking it, this is an expensive hobby. These are needed and make your life easier.

Works as advertised

The mounting system makes print removal a breeze on my Anycubic M3 Premium. 10/10

Way better than the pry and pray method!

Easy to install, the hardest part was waiting for the glue to cure. Makes removing prints so much easier.

PEX Build Surface
Jonathan Hils

The best build plate! I use them on all my printers!

Flexi plate for mars 3 pro

Hot damn, this is awesome! printers should come with these plates as a standard fit. Since using it, I now would never consider having a 3d printer without one of these plates. Best accessory ever for a printer!!!!!

Elegoo Jupiter flex plate

Works great just what you need. To get your large builds off the build plate.

115Ø Kit (w/ Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface)

It really is a very useful solution

Personally, I was not convinced to install this system in my printer. However, since I started using it, I can say that it really is a very useful solution that facilitates the not-so-pleasant work with a 3D resin printer. I highly recommend.


Another Great Product from WhamBam

WhamBam has consistently given my quality products in a timely fashion and their support has been incredible. The Ultimaker S5 can be a challenge due to its contact probing of the bed with a hot nozzle; but that is a limitation of the machine, not the build surface and WhamBam has been super responsive in helping me deal with it.

Very good product

Faster delivery and good product

Fantastic addition

Love the emake galaxy1 but was getting annoyed with just how hard it was to remove prints without damage to the print gave the whambam a go and what a game changer. I was a little worried to start about the plat dropping mid print but as always the quality of whambam ensures it holds fast.
Now releasing prints is a breeze and I won't hesitate to buy again

Wow. Just wow

Perfect fit for the Saturn 2. No more use for the plastic printer cover. Plenty of room to run cables. Front usb port is perfect. Lift up front panel works perfectly. The ambient temperature remains stable. Dust bloody buy one now.

Amazing! But a little sharp

Love this! The only thing would be is that it is a little sharp on the bottom edges so when you slide it into the printer it can scrape the bed a little. You have to be mindful to lay it in and not slide it in. Not really a big deal. Best build plates you can get for the Bambu, and I've tried all the official ones.

No lidar issues.
No calibration issues.
Just tell Bambu slicer it's a high temp bed
And your good to go!

258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface (Bambu Lab)

Excellent Surface!

This bed is exactly what I needed. (Well almost, I need another one for my other printer!) I absolutely love it!

Bambu Labs X1 Carbon

Having had a Wham Bam system on an older FDM printer I really wanted a reason to get one for my Bambu Labs machine. As others have stated, I'm not sure why I put it off. Sand and clean with IPA upon opening. Use the QR code sticker. And, you're off and printing. No glue. No other adhesive is needed. I have messed up once or twice going back and forth with the Bambu flexible textured plate and forgetting to change the slicer settings but once realizing that was the reason I was having adhesion problems, everything worked out. I have only printed in PLA on it so far so I cannot speak to other filaments, but this plate is excellent. Do yourself a favor and even if you are running the stock smooth plate or other variants, print a plate holder and add this one to your arsenal.

Fits perfectly

I’m using my wham bam on my Elegoo Jupiter and it’s amazing. No more broken prints!!

Finally, a perfect build surface!

I was having a lot of trouble with my Ender 3 Pro's bed warping, sticking too much, sticking too little, taking 30 minutes to remove prints, and more. This build surface instantly fixed all of those problems. Every print sticks perfectly while printing and pops off very easily when the print is done.

Awesome product!

I've been very happy with the kit! It makes such a nice difference and is super convenient. The only downside was battling my impatient nature when it came to the installation process lol, but it was absolutely worth the wait! If you're on the fence, just go for it dude.

Awesome support


This works perfectly. Since I got it I have not used the stock Bambu Labs build plates.

224 x 129 - Elegoo Saturn 2 8K, Saturn 8K, Saturn 3, and Saturn 3 Ultra
Frank Drebbin
FBS is great!

Greatly simplifies the use of my Saturn 2, I rarely even level any more, set it and forget it. Great service, will buy again

Works awesome and easy to remove build!

Makes removing large builds a breeze. No more hacking away at the base of a big build. Just remember the magnet sticks on the build plate not the magnet. Don’t be a dummy like me.

Slap Mat
Thomas Evans
No more mess

Absolutely great product, so easy to clean and dry, game changer would recommend highly!