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Best build surface I’ve used

I added the flexible build plate with PEX for my Ender farm and I’ll never use a different one. Models stick like glue and pop right off when done.


Works phenomenally. Wish I hadn't jumped the gun on installing it before thinking about removing the old build plate and installing it directly on the heater bed. Didn't know/think that was an option until afterwards.

Great and fast

Shopped her twice by now, won’t be the last tome

One of the only AnyCubic M3 options that works.

This now works great! However, as the vendor warned you will need the home detector spacer if you have an AnyCubic M3. Printed those, put them in place and works great!

Works Great

I have used it for every print and has worked great every time!

Mega Slap Mat
Brett Peacock - Auckland, NZ
A Most useful accessory for the Resin 3D printer.

I bought this Mega mat based on the recommendations on U-tube and it is everything they said - large enough to be very useful and easy to clean. The colour aids in spotting any resin (Except bright orange!) and it is tough and I am impressed. Enough that I bought a second, standard sized mat.

Works really well for me with some small caveats

The plates are excellent surfaces to print on. I started with a small 180x180 Kingroon plate and when I saw the larger sizes were available I placed on order for them on the wham bam site. Some things to note:

1) My build area on my Voron is 300x300 but the build plate is actually larger, so the 300x300 one on the site is too small and also has the corners cut off (like a round section) so I just went ahead and am using it as it is for now.

2) I've already managed to scratch it with the nozzle while I fine-tune the z-offset automatic leveling script. It had some small issues and mis-calculated offsets caused the nozzle to contact the bed.

3) I tried to use the supplied steel wool but I don't remember getting any instructions for the plates, so I just put the plate in the sink and ran warm water & soap on it while scrubbing the scuffed and scratched areas with the steel wool. This seemed to help a lot but now those areas are more opaque than the rest of the build plate.

As I said, I like the surfaces and am using them exclusively now on my printers (from using glass before) but I'd like to know more about the purpose of the steel wool and how best to clean/repair the plates with it.

Works great!!!

Been using this for several large prints and it works really well. Very easy to get prints off of the plate

Working as intended

I followed the instructions to a t and it's been working great(you absolutely need a spacer for this to work on a Photon mono x 6k). Only concern I've had is big prints but so far I've had no issues with it shifting. I did ruff the plate up before use and cleaned it several times. Wished I'd a bought the two plate system!

Mega Slap Mat
Arthur Lau

Mega Slap Mat

Troodon 400

It works even though it does not fit the whole bed, Only if they made Flexi Plates for the Troodon 300 and 400. Good adhesion and performs well.

Mega Slap Mat
Craig C
Solid design, great service

Solid design, great service. Thanks, Wham Bam!

So much better

It was quite a process to put the Wham Bam on, but I am glad I did it. No more fighting to get the prints off, no more breaking prints inadvertently during removal. My main struggle was adjusting the z limit switch on the Anycubic Photon Mono SE - my screws were not long enough to hold the 3d printed spacer, and I had no idea how to get more screws. I wound up using the 3d printed spacer as a guide to cut a piece of cardstock and glue and tape it to the end of the z limit switch so its exactly the right amount longer. Happy to say it works!

Love it

It's fantastic but the magnet it so strong I've occasionally lost grip of the plate once it lets go and dropped it into the vat. I still recommend it.

No more broken models!

This should be the default build plate to ship with any resin 3D printer! Its that good.

PEX Build Surface
Lenders Benoit
Perfect item for my Ender 3 v2

Great delivery as annonced.
Very clean product!
Clean my previous PEX layer was the only one problem I had. The new PEX from my order was perfect and very easy to install.

le top

vraiment tres agreable cette classic black pc build , bonne accroche et tien tres bien dans le temp .

WhamBam is amazing..

Everything is quality and works amazing. The slap mat is a must have while resin printing.
Don't ask questions and just buy one.

Elegoo Mars3 Pro

Work great! Best add-on for 3D printer!

Fantastic product

This is the second WB build surface I’ve purchased. Love the product. Don’t like that shipping is charged.

Slap Mat
Jeff Cogburn
Great quality vs other budget mats

I have some budget silicon mats and the Wham Bam is top notch quality over those. The budget mats feel thin and the wham bam has good weight to it. Once you cure resin it just pop right off. Great for contaminated tools or putting bottles of resin , pickle jar of alcohol on. Might need some extras if I keep this hobby going.

Works well on my Photon M3 Max

I purchased this to help remove prints from the massive printbed, and it works like a champ. Strike 1 star for lack of alignment features to put it back on easily and mainly because of a pre-filled out 5 star in the review request email.

It was easy to adjust the leveling height without needing a spacer. Just loosen and zero (with paper), then tighten when leveled. The M3 Photon Max had enough play in the adjustment to compensate for the thicker plate. No regrets after a few prints with it.

Magnet base - PC build surface

I put PC surface on the spring steel base ( I had already )
Stuck the magnet sheet to heat bed.
Put those 2 together
Magnet is strong hold to bed, no more clips. Love it thanks Nerys

Verry convenient

Just swap out build plates and keep printing very nice.

Best build plate ever

I love this thing, got it as a replacement and it’s the best. So far I’ve printed PLA and PETG with no problems, used glue for the PETG. It sticks so bad without it. Going to try ASA next week!