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Toss your glue stick and scraper!

I've been using the Wham Bam system on my Ender 3 Pro for a month now and I love it! I'm mostly printing with PETG and I have had no problems with bed adhesion or the print gluing itself to the bed. If you allow the mat to cool down, all you need to remove the print is to bend the mat. The only things that will stay is if you use a skirt, this I have had to scrape with my finger nail to lift.

Excellent product for your printer!

Worked great after I sanded the build plate

Forgot to sand the magnetic build plate before the first test run. Sanded it good and so far no other failures. 2nd resin printer with magnetic build plate installed and I would consider it a must have.

Artillery Genius Stock works!

Can confirm that this works for Artillery Genius Stock. Works great! Just be careful of the overhang on the left and right. My only complaint, and I reported this in feedback as well, is that the instructions inside don't advise you to set your nozzle to an incredibly low gap (Mine is around .15 mm, where as normal is .3). Took me about two hours to find this information and in that course, multiple people complained about the same problems. They really should include a sticker/note to indicate that. After appropriately setting it, the prints are fantastic and come out beautiful. Remember to increase build plate temp as well. I run my PLA at around 80c. I honestly knocked a star off because the set up would have been so much easier with the "troubleshooting" steps included rather than me eventually finding them via google.


This is on clearance for a reason, switched from the thicker PC To this and used the same settings and it cracked and stuck to the print (inland pla) and ruined it on the first print. So you need to gap this even higher than you normally would for the black thicker pc sheet or I guess use glue stick. I would just go for the thicker pc and save yourself the trouble

Slap Mat
joshua jackson
Just what i needed!

Im so glad i found out about the Slap Mats. They have made my resin printing so much cleaner.No matter how hard i tried,printing would be so messy,now that i have these mats printing and cleaning has become so much better. High quality build and does exactly what they claim. I cant recommend them enough for any resin printing.I have 3 and might need more!


I don't know how anyone can own a 3D resin printer and not have this installed on their build plate. If you follow the installation directions everything works out flawlessly. My only suggestion is that your company make all the various spacers that are required for the various machines and offer them to your customers so that they don't have to make them themselves.

Powder painted PEI flex plate

All I can say is. Why would you ever print on anything else! For pla, and petg it is simply beautiful! Getting ready to try carbon fiber , I let you know how it goes totally, totally, an awesome product

PC plate works great for PLA

I was having so many problems using the PEX plate with PLA but after changing to this plate problems solved.

150 x 95 - Elegoo Mars 3

A Must Have!

Scraping your prints or supports off of the build plate is such a pain in the butt. This build plate fits my Saturn S like it's factory stock and does exactly what it says it does. Very pleased with this purchase!

Great plates

Makes removing prints a lot easy and doesn’t need the use of a scraper.

Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate

Clean and organized

The mat performs exactly as advertised.

Distance plate required?

Is it required to put a distance plate to the Z sensor for this printer like for others if I apply the wham bam mangetic plate or not in this case due to the printer design?

Absolutely improved my printing experience

The Wham Bam system is the best upgrade I have done to any of my printers by far - filament sticks to it incredibly well and it is super simple to use and high quality.


This system is awesome!! Made a huge difference! Highly recommend!

Game changer

I was fed up with the lack of ahesion on my creality glass buildplate so I got this WhamBam! Pex plate and don't worry about adhesion at all anymore.

Don’t think about it, just buy it!

If you’re reading this, someone told you about the product. The reason it is more expensive than the Amazon flex plates is that these actually work! Don’t second guess the price, you get what you pay for. You’re only going to buy this one once and the Amazon ones multiple times. So just buy it. All the cool people are buying it 😉

Mega Slap Mat
Tom Antonishak
They work great

They work great with my liquid resin materials and work area!

A must buy for any SLA printer

Simply a no brainer. No more fighting with a spatula trying to get a print off the build surface. just pull plate, wash, then flex the plate & you are done.

A must have for Resin and FDM printing!

I am new to resin printing, but the same goes for FDM printing. A flex plate is a must have. I started using the standard build plate and quickly leaned that some if not all prints are easier to take off the build plate with a flex plate. Wham Bam system comes with 2 flex plates and an a very strong magnet that attaches to your existing plate. I will say you must follow the instructions to the letter. Clean the existing build plate with 99% IPA really well before sticking the magnet to it. Reading over some of the reviews on Amazon and for most this seems to be their issue. Awesome system and will buy again.

A must have for all 3D printers

I have one for both my printers and could never go back to not having one.

Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface

I love this plate but note it really does not work well with PLA the PC version of the plate work great for PLA but for everything else PEX plate is amazing.

Worth it

So far I have loved my flexi plate. The only thing I would recommend for anycubic mono x owners is that you lightly sand the flexi plate with the included 400 grit paper for better adhesion. The mono x build plate is already textured for adhesion, and the included test prints for the mono x wouldn't stick for me on the flexi plate without sanding. After sanding the prints came out great and came off super easy :)