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Awesome piece of equipment!

Resin Flex system from Wham Bam is a true lifesaver for large volume resin printers. It works flawlessly and has the advantage that you never have to remove the heavy bed anymore. Used it on my Phenom and now on my Forge! Must have stuff!

Working great!

Installed in accordance with instructions, hardest part being the wait for the adhesives to cure... But once done, it's worked a charm, with prints literally popping off when the plate is flexed. A little pricey, but well worth, in my opinion.

Tres satisfait, super produit.

Bon plateau, matériel solide. Super efficace pour l’adhérence PLA. Pas encore essayé le filament ABS. Dépasse mes attentes.

Wham Bam's to go

Was really easy to install, all the needed items where within the package, strong magnetic connection, didn't need any Z stops with the Saturn 2 and had no issues with prints once installed, makes cleanup and removal so much easier.

PEX Build Surface for Ender 3 v2


Has changed my printing

Since I added this to my printer, things have just gotten better.

Great System

The Wham Bam plate doesn’t get damaged like other plates and the prints stick without glue or tape

Amazing product

The flex sheet has saved me a ton of time. I was releveling my bed ever 5 prints because I had to hammer the parts off. The flex sheet has solved that issue for me.

1. review

Perfect printer to start with.

Night and Day Diffrence

I recently purchased an Ender 3 S1 plus and while The Stock print bed is good, I was told buy this print bed. $95 and several flawless prints latter and I have no complaints!

Mostly Really Good

So I ordered this for a Creality CR6-SE. Wham Bam had this size for this printer. All is good and its great to have a flexible build surface like with my other printer, BUT unfortunately the magnetic sticker doesn't have any holes to access the leveling screws, like I have seen on others. Without access to the screws, I can't adjust level, although the auto level should take care of it. Still, it would be great to have access to these screws. Otherwise, its good.

Upgrade now!

Oh man.. this om a resinprinter speeded up the after print by several 100%! I like my whambam on my fdm but on resin its esential! Just pop it of.. sweep it of with a tissue and god for new run. No dangerous spatula operation

Flashforge Foto 8.9

Works really well
Very reliable

310Ø Kit
Michael Yuen

I really like the print surface of the Wham Bam, but wish it didn't have the cutouts around the perimeter. I use this on a FLSun V400. On the V400, the pre-extrusion ALWAYS happens on a spot where there's a cutout no mater how you position the Wham Bam. Othewise, I really like it.

Great for pla but not petg.

The first print I did on my wham bam plate was petg. After pulling print from plate I was left with some slight damage to the surface. Pla works great but I wouldn’t recommend petg on this plate. I wet sanded my plate with 1000 grit sand paper and surface finish on prints look good.

258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface (Bambu Labs)

Works perfect

Perfect fit for my Saturn 2: easy to clean, no failed prints because of adhesion issues and, now I have an easy way to remove my prints once done.

Works perfect

Works great, was skeptical at first. Magnet isn’t on perfect and have some of the adhesive come off, but still working.


I have no idea why this is not on every printer sold. I couldn't believe how well this worked. I just wish I would have read a little better and so I could have got a double Wham when I ordered I would have got another one. I tell everybody I can about this.

Game changer!

Best addition to my work flow when printing. Prints are easy to remove and having a second plate means I can move quickly between prints. Love this product!

Fantastic Build Plate

Fast shipping, came packaged well. Didn’t believe it would make that much of a difference. I was wrong… It’s great. Creates a great adhesion with TPU, PLA. Highly recommend.

PEX Build Surface
Sam Staton
Excellent product

When I finally realized that there was a clear plastic overlay that needed to be removed before printing, my prints have been excellent and painless. A note to remove the overlay might be a good idea for folks like me.

The XTR Flex plate is perfect.

As long as you take the time following the installation video, you will be rewarded with a fantastic build system. With a bit of flex, the parts will separate from the plate for cleaning and curing.

Makes printing a lot simpler

So nice not to take the bed off each time and scrape the prints off. With this you just gotta give it a lil bend and prints will pop right off. Saves alot of time, especially not having to re-level the bed